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Our School

exterior photo of front entrance at Cedar Heights Middle School

Our Vision

Shaping Futures, Inspiring Excellence

Our Mission

Cedar Heights believes every student matters!
We empower each student to take responsibility for exceeding academic standards; pursuing life long learning; establishing positive relationships with self, others, and the community; and living with integrity, honesty and respect.

We agree to establish relationships with our students, know and meet our students' academic and social needs, use alternative teaching methods as necessary, hold students accountable for their learning, and provide additional learning opportunities.


We will work in a collaborative and interdependent manner to:

Provide an inviting environment for students, with clear expectations, consistent consequences, and specific academic and social goals.

Model, teach, and expect citizenship.

Identify and implement instruction, assessment, and professional development that reflect national and state standards.

Monitor student learning through frequent and varied formative assessments and engage students and parents in a feedback loop.

Seek current research to identify, evaluate, implement and review best practices to meet our students’ academic needs.

Engage students in a variety of learning experiences, including classroom, extra-curricular, and community based learning experiences.