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Student Dress Code

Dress Code

We want our students to understand the importance of education, to take it seriously, and to be prepared for their eventual transition from school to the work place. Students are expected to use good judgment in dressing appropriately while promoting a positive school culture.

The following types of clothes may be worn at Cedar Heights Middle School:

  1. Pants that are worn above the hips and properly secured.
  2. Shirts that cover the whole torso and undergarments.
  3. Shorts, skirts, or torn pants that cover the entire leg at least six to ten inches above the knees.
  4. Shoes that have hard soles (other requirements may be made for specific classes (i.e. Science, P.E).

Examples of clothing that should not be worn at school:

  1. Clothing that does not represent our Cedar Commitment.
  2. Clothing that exposes undergarments or items of clothing that violate dress code guidelines.
  3. Pajamas or slippers.
  4. Clothing that references drugs, alcohol, weapons, sex, or vulgar language.
  5. Clothing that associates or affiliates with gang activity.
  6. Clothing/make-up that hides identity.

 The dress code will be monitored by staff. Their discretion as to the appropriateness of the attire will be honored. Students violating the dress code will be asked to change or a citation will be issued to the student. Progressive discipline will be applied for repeat offenses. Exceptions to the dress code may be made for spirit days at administrator’s discretion.