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Student Recognition

80/80 Club 2020-21:

To be eligible for the 80/80 Club, students must attend at least 80% of their virtual classes and successfully complete at least 80% of assigned work. In addition to having their name published here, students will also receive a letter from Mr. Cain and a gift certificate from a local business for a small treat as a reward for their hard work and dedication to making this a #ExceptionalYear!

Term 1 80/80 Club Winners:
80.80 8th Grade for Website.pdf
80.80 7th Grade for Website.pdf
80.80 6th Grade for Website.pdf

2020-21 IB Students of the Month:
February 2021.pdf
January 2021.pdf

December 2020.pdf
November 2020.pdf
October 2020.pdf
September 2020.pdf

2019-20 IB Students of the Month:
IB SOM Sep 2019.pdf
IB SOM Oct 2019.pdf
IB SOM Nov 2019.pdf
IB SOM Dec 2019.pdf
IB SOM Jan 2020.pdf
IB SOM Feb 2020.pdf
IB SOM Mar 2020.pdf